Radio On Main Street – NAB Show Series Featuring John Catsimatidis and Chad Lopez from WABC Radio

RAB recently attended the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 15-19. Over the next several weeks you will have the opportunity to listen in on some of our conversations with thought leaders in broadcast radio.

In episode one of the Radio on Main Street NAB Show series, Erica Farber speaks with John Catsimatidis, a successful self-made American businessman who acquired WABC, a standalone AM radio station, and Chad Lopez, President Red Apple Media and WABC Radio.

With all of the news regarding the possible elimination of AM radio in automobiles, as they claim they are changing with the times, the timing of this podcast couldn’t be better. Listen in and hear how AM radio is alive, well and even growing in New York City.

Radio On Main Street – NAB Show Series, Featuring Kelli Frieler, Executive Director, Digital, for Leighton Broadcasting

In this second episode of the NAB Show series, Erica Farber sat down with Kelli Frieler, Executive Director Digital for Leighton Broadcasting and Leighton Engage, a marketing agency owned by Leighton Broadcasting that’s focused on helping small to medium sized businesses generate results and solid ROI. 

As we continue to hear and see the results companies are having with digital efforts, Kelli discusses the importance of being able to leverage all the different touchpoints radio has with today’s audiences.

Kelli provides a good reminder on the importance of evolving to be focused on the user experience and just how important it is to collaborate across companies for broadcast radio to continue thrive.

Radio On Main Street – NAB Show Series, Featuring Jonathan Brewster, CEO of El Dorado Broadcasters

In episode three of Radio On Main Street NAB Show series, Erica Farber chats with Jonathan Brewster, CEO of El Dorado Broadcasters, a privately held company that owns seven stations in Victor Valley, California and three stations in Yuma, Arizona. 

Focusing on content development and on-air talent, the company continues to expand its brands, and as you will hear from Jonathan, El Dorado truly serves its communities and advertisers with a passion where they bring their local advertisers and communities together.

Radio On Main Street – NAB Show Series, Featuring with Hubbard Radio CEO Ginny Hubbard

In this fourth episode of the series, Erica Farber sat down with Hubbard Radio CEO Ginny Hubbard, a third-generation broadcaster.  As you’ll hear from Hubbard, the company is celebrating its centennial this year and is focused on the future and staying on top of what’s new and most importantly understanding the difference between what to pay attention to and what is just noise. 

She also shares that if every radio brand in the country could spend some money on marketing their brands it would truly make a difference and the value of telling our story and how much more robust the industry could be if we simply invited people to listen to us.

Radio Can Help Promote Springtime Businesses

Author: Victor Texcucano, Content Coordinator, RAB

Spring is in the air. The weather is warming up, and flowers are blooming. It’s finally that time of the year when we can enjoy the outdoors. Now’s the time when people will begin lawn maintenance, growing fruits and veggies or just relaxing on their porch.

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Wage Transparency Legislation Brings Unique Challenges and Benefits for Employers

One of the greatest challenges employers across all lines of business has experienced is recruitment. A talent pool shortage, applicant expectations, hybrid or remote work demands and more, compounded by economic uncertainty has made it difficult for employers to not only fill those open roles but also retain current employees. Radio has often successfully served as a medium to help organizations and businesses with their recruitment efforts.     

Colorado was the first state to pass a law requiring business to list salary ranges in job postings. Since then, additional states are adopting their own disclosure laws. RAB reached out to our partners at Foster Garvey PC to provide some guidance on wage transparency laws.

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