Radio On Main Street, Featuring Jacky Bam Bam – WMMR Philadelphia

In the second podcast of this latest RAB Radio on Main Street series, we hear the conversation Erica Farber had with Jacky Bam Bam, who takes you on a five-hour musical journey every night on Philadelphia’s WMMR 93.3. A rocker through and through, with a deep love and appreciation for music, coupled with a passion for radio and his audience, Jacky loves to say music has no expiration date. And when you listen to his show, you really don’t know what’s coming at you next as he takes you and grabs you as you take this incredible journey with him each and every night. Jacky’s the epitome of an on-air rock personality and yet so much more! Have a listen and find out for yourself.  

As a new feature, we are now including a video version of this interview on YouTube. Click here to watch.

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